SUMMA: A Student Theological Debate Society


SUMMA: A Student Theological Debate Society is a unique program offered to high school students of any religious background who are theologically curious, who would like to better understand the Christian faith, and who, potentially, are ready to take steps forward into deepening faith and spiritual maturity.

No experience in theology, reasoning, or debate is required, or needed. Participants are rewarded with a uniquely meaningful experience, gaining tools for thinking, an in-depth introduction to the Christian theological tradition, and cutting edge exposure to areas such as religion and science, religion and society, and interfaith dialogue.

For more information email Rev. Cindy Fribourgh.

Fall 2012 Debate Season

Resolved: "Complete separation between the state and religion is best for the state and best for religion." - Justice Felix Frankfurter

Assignments for SUMMA "Theology Coffee Houses," along with resources for our fall debate proposition, are available by clicking here.

SUMMA Camp 2012

Forty-nine SUMMA theological debaters and twenty-two adult leaders coming from as far as Washington, D.C. were in residence July 22-30 at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN participating in introductory classes in three core areas of reasoning, theology, and debate ... and in fun activities including movies, games, bowling, swimming, sports, and a dance.

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