Christian Faith & Evolution

Christian Faith and Evolution Lecture Series

How classical theology affirms and deepens scientific understanding

Taught by the Rev. Canon Christoph Keller, Th.D.

This series is about how faith in God fits with belief in evolution.

The lecturer, Dr. Chris Keller, is an Episcopal priest and theologian who accepts that Charles Darwin was right on his main points.

This series is offered for Christians who are interested in science, scientists who would like to better understand religion, and all others who may be curious about science and faith and how the two might come together.

Links to lecture notes may be found at the bottom of this page.

Lecture Notes

Darwin – The Man and His Science

God and Christ in Christian Understanding

Beyond Fundamentalism

Beyond Liberalism

Methodological Naturalism and Resurrection

The Challenge of Darwinism

Incarnation, Passion and Evolution