Science and Religion

One could characterize our distinctive theological identity as “classical, with a little bit of cutting edge.” By “classical,” we mean that, in considering important questions, we look first to the great learning of the Christian theological tradition. For “cutting edge,” we have one of our areas of program emphasis especially in mind - the field of science and religion.

These links lead to ITSSM lecture series videos and notes, Dr. Keller's doctoral dissertation, and to other sites of interest in the field.

Christian Faith and Evolution
How classical theology makes sense of Darwin’s theory.
Video production and lecture no

Science and Religion: The New Dialogue
Lecture notes

Darwin's Science in Chalcedonian Imagination
Barth, Double Agency, and Theistic Evolution
Dr. Keller's Doctoral Dissertation

A Scientist's Journey In Faith
Playback of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori's lecture
Recorded March 29, 2010

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The God Delusion Debate
A video recording of a well-known debate on the existence of God between Richard Dawkins and the Oxford Mathematician John Lennox.

Center for Theology and Natural Sciences

Templeton Foundation Big Questions